Elden Ring: tomorrow the update that will open the Colosseums!

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Elden Ring is preparing to receive the new update that will introduce the Colosseums. Let’s go and discover everything that awaits us as we cross the threshold of these historic places

Engage in fights against other players, team fights, or be a hero and unite in battles for all against all a Leyndell, Caelide Limgrave. These are the three places that will host the fights in PvP in the prepared arenas, do you think you are ready to venture? Tomorrow in Elden Ring the new free update will open the Colosseums!

Elden Ring, that the doors of the Colosseums open

FromSoftware has announced a new update for Elder Ring by title Colosseumswhich will be totally free for all who own the title and will be available starting tomorrow December 7, 2022. To start the fights and overwhelm the opponents you will need to go to one of the three places indicated, Limgrave, Leyndell, e Caelid.

In arenas called Colosseums we will be able to launch ourselves into epic battles against other players, face each other individually one on one in duels, try our hand at team battles, or throw ourselves into the fray in chaotic, but we suppose very funny, battles all against all. At present, however, we do not know how many players will be in the arenas at the same time.

At present, however, we do not know how many players will be in the arenas at the same time. We just have to wait for tomorrow, the day of public distribution of the update indicated, to demonstrate to all our skill in combat. Will you prove yourself a worthy fighter, or will you perish in the arms of enemies ready to dance on your body? Tomorrow you will have the answer.

In the meantime, to while away the wait until tomorrow, we advise you to read our review of Elden Ring, and we remind you that the video game has been available since February 25, 2022 per PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One e Microsoft Windows. He sold 1 beauty7.5 million copies worldwide since launch and has been nominated in seven categories for i The Game Awards 2022.

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