Elden Ring: watch out for spoilers! Network test hacked

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If you are among those players who want to have a totally virgin experience of Elden Ring we advise you to be particularly careful of spoilers during the next few weeks. Lance McDonald, a well-known insider in the Souls environment, explained that some users managed to hack the PlayStation 9.00 firmware, which allowed them to perform some datamining on the Elden Ring network test.

Elden Ring: watch out for spoilers

Since it is genuine datamining and not just rumors, it is very likely that what has emerged in the past few hours is real, or at least part of an old build of the game. According to what we have been able to confirm, the data collected includes game mechanics, lore, dialogues of non-player characters and descriptions of objects not present in the Network Test.

Of course, there have been several leaks on Elden Ring in the past, but this time the situation seems particularly serious. Our advice therefore is to be particularly careful, because we are sure that this information will begin to circulate very quickly in dedicated groups, perhaps even by malicious users.

In the meantime, let’s take this opportunity to remind you that during the The Game Awards 2021 A new trailer about the game has been released that reveals unpublished details about the story and that at the moment there is no news yet regarding the alleged open beta that was rumored a few weeks ago.

Also during the awards ceremony, Elden Ring won the trophy as the most anticipated game of 2022, an award it had already won last year, demonstrating how much anticipation lies behind this new work by FromSoftware. An expectation that was amplified just after having been able to try a taste of the title during the closed network test a few weeks ago.

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