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Elden Ring: where to find all the Memory Stones

Elden Ring introduced a new method to harmonize Sorceries and Spells, namely the Stones of Memory, which automatically add an extra slot once obtained. Let’s take a look at where these stones are located and how to go about obtaining them, becoming skilled and strong wizards of a vast arsenal of magic.

Elden Ring: how to get all the Stones of Memory

Let’s start with the easy-to-take ones, which are the ones you most likely already have, so we’ll get rid of them immediately. There first the shop of the two Leggidita sells it immediately at the fortress of the round table. Quick and easy, you just need to have access to this place to get it. There second instead it is given as a reward after defeating the Red Wolf of Radagon in Raya Lucaria, you just have to proceed normally along the level to find the boss, defeat him and get the stone as a reward.

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Removed these two, let’s move on to the more hidden ones, starting with the one kept at the Oridys Tower, located in the peninsula of weeping, south of Sepolcride. To enter this tower you will need to find and hit 3 spirit turtles that roam the area. Two are quite easy to find, as they are located right in front of the tower entrance. The last one is a bit more complex to locate as it is invisible and is located in the center of the small pond to the right of the tower.

Once you find all three the seal will break and you can go inside and take the stone.

The pietre in Liurnia

For the next stones we will instead have to move to Liurnia, starting from Text Tower, located behind the academy. Here the puzzle is the same as in the previous tower, only the turtles will be a hair harder to find. One is always found near the tower, not particularly hidden by anything.

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Another is located below a ledge behind the entire structure, also quite easy to locate, while the last is on the trunk of a tree. Here, too, just hit them to gain access to the tower and take the stone.

Still remaining in the Liurnia area, let’s move to Rebuilt Tower, which is located to the west of the region. There are two ways to get the stone hidden inside: the first is to obtain and give Thops an Academy Stone Sculptor Key, which can be obtained at the end of the path on the rooftops of Raya Lucaria.

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In fact, Thops, once he receives the key, will teach us a gesture that we can perform in front of the statue of Marika to let down a ladder and go up along the tower. However, there is no need to do this, as we can use torrent to climb the destroyed wall to the left or right of the tower and then jump directly to the middle floor which will give us access to the top.

Elden Ring Stones of Remembrance

The last stone of Liurnia is found at Seluvis Tower, accessible only after completing the Magione Cariana and defeating the boss of this area. Leaving here you can go to a new area called the three sisters, where you will meet Ranni. Accept his request and you should be able to enter the tower next to him, on top of which you will find the very stone.

The last two stones

Our next destination is there Spire of Lenne, to Caelid, and here the tip to enter was broken. Fortunately, we can use the spirit gayser nearby to make a huge leap and arrive in a second in front of the stone of memory, as banal as it is effective.

  Elden Ring Stones of Remembrance

Finally, the last memory slot will be given to you as a reward after defeating a half-human queen who is located at Mount Gelmir, in a rather remote area of ​​the map called Secluso Village. Once there, kill the boss to get the stone as a reward.

Elden Ring Stones of Remembrance

An easy way to get there is to go through the Lux Ruins and then take the road that goes up keeping to the left. From there the way to the village is practically straight.

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