Elden Ring: where to find the best war ashes

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Prevailing in battle is key in Elden Ring, and to do so you should have the best ashes of war available. In this guide we will explain where to find the best ones

Elden Ring is a title that offers a number of scary attacking options. Among spells of various types, weapons for all tastes, summons and much more. Among the various offensive tools within Elden Ring we must not forget the presence of the Ashes of War, which are in practice the special shots to be assigned to the various weapons. In the new From Software title you will find dozens of these, but we want to recommend some of the best ones that will really make a difference in battle. So here’s where to find and how to use the best War Ashes in Elden Ring.

What are War Ashes?

First a brief explanation of what War Ashes are within the game. These are arts to be applied to weapons, which allow you to perform unique attacks. Through any Site of Grace or from the blacksmiths of the game, it will be possible to change them at no cost in all compatible weapons. When you give a specific War Ash to a weapon, you won’t be able to give it to another except by removing it from the one that currently has it equipped. However, there is an object that, if brought to the blacksmith inside the Round Tableallows you to duplicate the ashes, so that they can be inserted into more than one weapon at a time.

But the Ashes have another important function in Elden Ring: they can change the affinity of the weapon. For example, by equipping a War Ash linked to an element such as magic, fire or electricity, we can make that weapon enchanted with that element, or we can make it become of Quality or Heavy so that the damage scales with different attributes than those that has standards. In fact, changing the affinity is useful for adapting a weapon to your build, for example if you are making a warrior magician you may prefer a magical weapon so that in addition to the bonus damage given by Strength and Dexterity, those given by Intelligence will also be added.

Of course when you apply War Ash you don’t have to change its affinity and you can also leave it normal using only the new special attack inserted. But remember that, the unique weapons that you will find in large quantities in the game, they will not be able to change War Ash from the one they already have equipped, which is usually also a unique and non-removable Ash.

Where to find Bloody Slash War Ash – Elden Ring: where to find the best War Ash

This War Ash is applicable to any melee weapon that can slash and allows for throwing a slash created with blood hitting at medium range dealing significant damage. The ability costs very few HP, but in addition it will also steal a small amount of health. With this ash you can make your weapons Bloody, so that you can apply the Bleed effect to enemies, a status that inflicts considerable damage among the strongest in the game. To get this ash you will have to go to Forte Haight located in the southeast of Sepulchridhere you will have to beat a powerful knight who uses this art, but once you defeat the Ash it will be yours.

Elden Ring: where to find the best war ashes

Where to find the Holy Blade War Ash – Elden Ring: where to find the best War Ash

This Ash is great for builds that have it as a stat FaithIt can also turn your weapon into a sacred weapon. This art is capable of enchanting your weapon with a golden aura capable of inflicting sacred damage on enemies. When used against the undead this ash will do enormous damage, and is therefore excellent against these types of enemies that you will often encounter inside Elden Ring. To find it you’ll have to kill a beetle which is located north of the Third Marika Church, located in the eastern part of Sepulchrid.

Elden Ring: where to find the best war ashes

Where to find Barricade Shield War Ash – Elden Ring: where to find the best War Ash

One of the best War Ashes in Elden Ring for shields. Perfect if you want to use a Tank character that can take any hit. In fact, Barricade Shield consumes a few HP for activation and allows you to make your shields even more resistant to attacks, which translates into less Stamina consumption with each blocked hit. In this way you will be able to withstand the harsh blows that previously made you stagger and put you in danger. To get this art you will have to defeat a black Knight wandering around at night in the Wailing Peninsula.

Elden Ring: where to find the best war ashes

Where to find Loretta’s Slash War Ash – Elden Ring: where to find the best War Ash

If your character uses both weapons and spells, Loretta’s slash per hour can be a great art for those using spears and other pole weapons. This attack allows you to jump and strike with sweep wide enemies while also dealing magic damage. This War Ash can be obtained by defeating the Royal Guard Boss Loretta which will be found at the end of the Cariano Manor located in the north-west area of ​​Liurnia Lacustre.

Elden Ring: where to find the best war ashes

Where to find the Carian Broadsword War Ash – Elden Ring: where to find the best War Ashes

This Ash can transform the weapon into a magical weapon and is recommended since the attack it will unleash does its own magic damage. Applied to a one- or two-handed sword it allows you to create a magical sword that you can charge up to two power levels, and with each charge this sword composed of magic grows even larger, covering a larger area of ​​action. Just be careful not to get interrupted while charging the attack as it will take a few seconds to unleash maximum power. This skill can be purchased from Rogier at the Round Table for 2500 Runes.

Elden Ring: where to find the best war ashes

Where to find the War Ash Passo del Limiere – Elden Ring: where to find the best war ash

This is a powerful skill that allows you to perform a quick dodge which will make your character invisible during movement at the cost of a few PF. The skill is useful for anyone who prefers hand-to-hand combat and applies especially well to Dexterity-based weapons. Obtaining this War Ash will not be easy though, as you will have to face and defeat one of the Black Knights which appear only at night in the north of Caelid, near the bridge of Dracotumulus. This Knight is very strong and can be faced with relative ease only in the most advanced parts of the adventure, and when he defeats him he will also give you 40,000 Runes.

Elden Ring: where to find the best war ashes

To conclude

We’ve come to the end of our guide to the best War Ashes in Elden Ring, but don’t forget that From Software’s title hides many other secretswhich you can reveal by following our other guides such as the one to find the best areas to farm runes or the guide to the best spells in the game.

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