Elden Ring will implement Easy Anti-Cheat to fight hackers

FromSoftware is preparing to publish Elden Ring, spreading a lot of information about the game. Recently, several details about Elden Ring’s combat, classes and world have surfaced online, both in the form of leaks and official information. Now, it turns out that Elden Ring will use the system Easy Anti-Cheat, one of the most common software for detecting dishonest users.

Elden Ring userà Easy Anti-Cheat

On Steam, players have pinpointed which anti-cheat software Elden Ring will use in its EULA data. According to the EULA, in fact, Elden Ring will use Easy Anti-Cheat, one of the most popular options currently on the market. For those who do not know him, Easy Anti-Cheat it is also used in Fortnite, Halo: Master Chief Collection e Apex Legends, as well as many other particularly played games.

Elden Ring is primarily a single player experience, but FromSoftware has incorporated online elements into many of its games and the latter is no exception. For example, Elden Ring includes PvP, and this is where the anti-cheat comes in really useful, also because it was not uncommon, in the various Souls, to come across dishonest users who altered their parameters in an artificial way.

Of course, some users have however pointed out that this Anti-Cheat system could bury any Elden Ring modding. Mods have long been an important aspect of the Dark Souls community, especially in regards to the first game, which received some really noteworthy mods. It is therefore possible that FromSoftware provides an option to circumvent the problem, perhaps by starting the game offline, but it is still early to say.