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3D avatars arrive in Instagram Stories

Latest news from Meta. These days the company is introducing 3D avatar in Instagram Stories and in direct messages, and also updating those on Facebook and Messenger. Therefore, starting today, users of the United States, Canada and Mexico they will appear in their virtual version on stickers, posts, profile pictures and much more. More specifically, the avatars will include new face shapes and assistive devices such as cochlear implants, hearing aids and wheelchairs. A detail that will make them even more inclusive towards users with disabilities. Let’s find out something more in detail.

Instagram Stories: 3D avatars available to users

“Since we revealed our long-term vision of the metaverse at Connect 2021, we have continued to build this next evolution in social technology, moving towards a future where you can sit in the same room as your loved ones who are actually thousands of miles away. away or work naturally with a talented team that spans the world. ” So he wrote Aigerim Shorman in a post published on the official Meta blog. In this regard, the 3D avatars of the Instagram Stories are nothing more than the emblem of the company’s foray into the metaverse. After all, CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself said that virtual reality is a priority for the company.

MZ Avatar 6

Beyond the addition of 3D avatars in Instagram Stories, Meta also introduced yesterday Super Bowl LVI themed t-shirts for his avatars across all of his platforms. The next Super Bowl round is on February 13, and will see the Cincinnati Bengals take on the Los Angeles Rams at Rams’ SoFi Stadium. In short, Meta has chosen an interesting way to convince users to interact with virtual reality. In the meantime, the lucky ones will be able to try the virtual avatars in the Stories of the App. And soon we look forward to doing it too.

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