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Elder God Wars: RuneScape’s The TzekHaar Front Trailer Released

What You Need to Know About The TzekHaar Front from RuneScape's Elder God Wars thumbnail

RuneScape’s The TzekHaar Front takes the Elder God Wars scenario to a new level: let’s find out through the launch trailer.

RuneScape’s Elder God Wars: The TzekHaar Front

Good news for lovers of RuneScape. In fact it is finally available The TzekHaar Front, which takes the battle into the burning womb of the city of Senntisten. Players will thus be able to fight the forces of Ful, for what is the fourth and final assault on the Old Gods.

The TzekHaar Front offers players the most challenging boss ever, but also rich rewards. The brave fighters will have to contend with the mighty army of Elder God Fuls: the TzekHaar. This is a new breed of deadly and menacing creatures. But that’s not all: once the soldiers are destroyed, the fearsome general TzKal-Zuk will have to be faced.

And what about the rewards? Defeating Ful’s forces will unlock numerous rare items. Between these:

  • The best RuneScape slot cloak
  • TzKal-Zuk’s level 95 2H sword
  • A new magical ability
  • A pet
  • The book of Ful God.

The Elder God Wars battlefront began in July and has received a lot of positive feedback from the RuneScape community since then. The previous three battlefronts included The Nodon Front – featuring an epic showdown against the Kerapac boss – The Glacor Front – featuring RuneScape’s first fully customizable encounter boss – and The Cresus Front.

TzekHaar Front is now available in RuneScape on PC, Steam, iOS and Android.

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