Roblox: servers are about to come back online!

It seems that the problems that have plagued Roblox in the past few days are finally being solved: thanks to an official press release published by the developers, the servers are expected to be back online shortly. Let’s see below when!

The news that the servers of Roblox they went in down. This therefore resulted in various inconveniences in the community, as the game remained inaccessible for 3 days so far and still is unplayable. Apparently, however, after the deafening silence of the developers who did not want to explain the reason behind this problem, it was officially announced that soon, today, the Roblox servers will come back online, and players can then start playing it again.

When exactly will the Roblox servers be back online?

The announcement came via a one mail sent by the company to The Verge, in which it was explained that the interruption resulted in a growth of the number of servers in the data centers and was not due to traffic peaks or in particular cases. It was also added that Roblox’s servers are expected to come back online at 9 pm this evening, November 1, 2021.

Roblox CEO, David Baszucki, he then wrote in a blog post that the company would publish a report of the problem and that it would take steps to prevent this type of disruption from happening in the future. It further stated the following:

As far as we know, there has been no data loss on player persistence and the Roblox experience should now be back to complete normalcy. We are grateful for the patience and support of our players, developers and partners during this time

For those not in the know, Roblox’s servers have gone down as of last Thursday, and they stayed inaccessible so far (which is serious for a game that has 40 million daily players). Despite some sporadic update on the part of the developers, there was not no official explanation about the nature of the problem or what could have caused it, causing fans to do speculations on possible reasons.

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