Electric cars pollute less over their entire life cycle

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A new study reassures those who buy them electric cars for environmentalist passion: they pollute less than a petrol vehicle over its entire life cycle. This also includes extracting materials for the battery and charging wherever it is done. Even charging to a coal-dependent network such as India’s, EVs produce fewer greenhouse gases.

Electric cars pollute less no matter where you charge them

This news may seem trivial to many outside the automotive sector. But theInternational Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) he wanted to see clearly why there are many positions against this vision. COme explains the researcher Georg Bieker, “We have received a lot of lobbying work from part of the auto industry. They said that electric vehicles are no better when you take into account energy production and battery construction. We wanted to analyze this reality and see if these positions are legitimate ”.

The published report assesses the impact of a midsize electric car recorded in 2021 in India, China, the United States and Europe. Geographical areas that account for 70% of the car market. Emissions throughout the vehicle’s life cycle, from raw material extraction to disposal, they are 66-69% lower than a petrol car in Europe. In the United States, savings range from 60 to 68%. In China, savings are lower, ranging from 37 to 45%. In India, we are down from 19 to 34%.

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The study predicts an enrollment in 2021 and a half life of 18 years. And in the worst case scenario, there is a saving of a fifth of the emissions. In Europe, at least two thirds are saved. This although the production of an electric vehicle produces more emissions than a traditional vehicle. A fact that researchers believe can be reversed by developing technologies for battery recycling and using alternative technologies. But the increased production of harmful gases is recovered within a single year.

This remains a single study, which to have any real scientific value must be replicated by other researchers. But the report data is undoubtedly in favor of the conversion of the automotive sector to electric. Furthermore, as Bieker points out, “Vehicles with combustion engines of any kind are unable to ensure the reduction of greenhouse gases we need to live with climate change. This is global experimental data, so we need to eliminate combustion cars all over the world ”.