Electric cars, sidewalk charging arrives from Germany

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Here is another solution for the electric carsfrom the Germania comes there recharge and sidewalk. Is the low battery anxiety over?

The answer is noit’s just theyet another solution which is added to small columns and prototypes robot. We specify that this new type of recharge is being tested.

Electric cars, sidewalk charging arrives from Germany, source official website

Electric cars, everything we know about curbside charging

Let’s start from here, you know which one is there city among the most populous from the Germania? The answer is Colonia is among the top four in the country and she is the protagonist, who is testing charging from sidewalk. Not only that, the city of Rhineland boasts the same number Of inhabitants that has Napoli. The project involves the German company Rheinmetallthe participation of the administration and TankE.

Basically, in Cologne chargers for electric cars housed in the curbs of the streets are being integrated.

In this way, the sidewalk is the column that performs the charging functions.

What are the benefits?

In terms of space and aesthetics, given the population density and traffic, being able to recharge the car directly from a socket that comes out from the roadside improves urban planning. Now let’s see technically how the system is composed.

What are Curb Charhers

Grounds are defined Curb Charger. These were meant for reduce The encumbrances in areas urbane and ensure a minimal impact level visual on the surrounding environment. There charging station is integrated into sidewalk concretewhere is the catch for connect e Reload your own auto.

Electric cars, sidewalk charging arrives from Germany, source official websiteElectric cars, sidewalk charging arrives from Germany, source official website

The infrastructure created by Rheinmetall

The Curb Chargers are designed to facilitate any maintenance operations and for any technical updates. The built-in socket is of type charging point da 22 kW in AC. This can be managed, monitored or connected to existing infrastructure via standard protocol OCPP.

Recall that at the moment the prototypes are being tested, but Rheinmetall expects that his solution will be able to reach applications mass before 2030.

Cologne has the advantage of being one of the most popular destinations for European tourism and will see a boom in inhabitants over the next few years, according to the provisions of the administration.

So it’s no wonder that the Rheinmetall chose this city. In a note on the company website, the CEO Of Rheinmetall, Armin Paperger explains: “We thank the city of Cologne for approving the pilot test of our curb-integrated loaders. THE loaders will help to overcome one of the critical points for it development from the electric mobilityand will integrate perfectly into the urban landscape.

While Ascan Egerercouncilor for mobility of Cologne declares: “As a city, we want face actively the many challenges of a metropolis in growth. Our goal is to develop forward-thinking concepts that help us address and solve challenges when they are still in their infancy. The pilot project developed with Rheinmetall and TankE is a clear sign in this sense”.