electric kawasaki is there but it is a motorcycle for children

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Even among motorcycles, more and more examples of fully electrified vehicles are beginning to be seen, even in legendary brands come Harley-Davidson. Kawasaki is another brand that has declared its entry into this new market. In fact, a few months ago, anticipation was created with the first fully electric motorcycle of the Japanese company. At his time it was hinted that he would have an aesthetic very similar to the famous Ninja. But also that in 2022 we would see up to three fully electric models.

But the first Kawasaki electric motorcycle came with a surprise: it’s one motorcycle for children . Under the name of Kawasaki Elektrode hides a small electric dirt bike designed to be used by children between the ages of 3 and 8.

Electric Kawasaki, a long wait that leaves a bad taste in the mouth

With Kawasaki’s first electric motorcycle finally revealed, there will be those (probably most bikers) who may have been disappointed. And we have been talking about this new business line of the Japanese company for some time. In fact, the first announcement with official data in this regard dates back to 2020. Before, the project for a range of electric motorcycles was mentioned at the 2019 EICMA.

Then it was clarified that for the first zero-emission motorcycle signed “Kawa” he opted for the sportsmanship. The first details also spoke of a manual four-speed gearbox, which was an incentive for purists and an advantage over Harley-Davidson or Zero options.

The final decision, however, was to launch the Kawasaki Electrode, a small motorcycle, with an aesthetic similar to a bicycle and designed exclusively for the little ones. And more specifically for those who compete in cross country races.

With a price of $ 1,099, this Kawa Elektrode is equipped with a 250W air-cooled motor and a 36V 5.1Ah Li-ion battery installed inside the frame. You can select three modes of use, called High, Mid and Low, which reach top speeds of 21, 12 and 8 km / h respectively.

To get a full charge, it takes two and a half hours and Kawasaki guarantees 80% battery performance for up to 500 charge cycles.

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