Electric Mercedes baby G: the release could be in 2026

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According to some rumours, the release of the electric Mercedes baby G should be set for 2026: Mercedes also welcomes the electric nature of the cars in its catalog

The world of. continues to expand electric cars. After the announcement of the Microlino electric microcar, it seems that Mercedes is also promoting the electric nature of the cars, announcing the probable release of the Electric Mercedes baby G set for 2026. The new electric model should blend traditional design and technological innovation. This move would not only underline its position from leader in the SUV sector, but it would also mark the company’s desire to take a step forward into the future. According to the statements of Mark SchaferChief Technical Officer of Mercedes, next baby G will be 100% electric. The CEO added some more details Ola Kallenius, saying that it will be a sort of son of the original model, but with its own character. The baby G it will be developed by a new division of Mercedes after the launch of the EQG this year. According to Autocar, the car is expected to come out during 2026.

Electric Mercedes baby G: the release could be in 2026

The electric version of the Mercedes baby G

There were some rumors that the next Mercedes would adopt a hybrid engine, but these rumors were false. In fact the next vehicle will be completely electric. The platform it won’t be the Mercedes Modular Architecture which they have used for other entry-level models. It will borrow features from the brand’s larger rear-wheel drive vehicles. The structure of the new one baby G it could be based on the spar chassis of the Current G-Class, but obviously with the necessary modifications. The vehicle should adopt a800V electrical architecture e four electric motorsin order to have fast charging and important improvements in energy efficiency.

In the next model the electric compact should be offered with lithium-iron-phosphate and lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide batterieswith capacities that will vary and 58 at 85 kWh. This will allow it to have excellent autonomy and very fast charging, with the possibility of obtaining 399 km of autonomy in just 15 minutes, using a 250 kW charger. The baby Gin any case, it will be a new point of reference in the electric car market, thanks to the union between classic design and cutting-edge technologies.

We are curious to see what the new one will be like Electric Mercedes baby G and we are sure that it will become one of the best electric cars on the market. Stay with us on techgameworld.com for other news from the world of motors and so on.