Electric Mini Panda: Geely launches the Go Kart Edition

The Go Kart Edition was launched by Geely for 10 thousand euros, a small, sporty and technological electric Mini Panda. Younger audiences will definitely like it

Geely returns to make people talk about themselves with his Electric Mini Pandathis time with the version Go Kart Edition. Dedicated to the younger public, this new variant stands out for its sporty and bold look, without sacrificing the practicality and agility that characterize the small Chinese city car. From the first images released online, the car presents itself with a decidedly more aggressive design than the classic versions. Pink stickers and writingscolored circles and a eye-catching rear wing they leave no doubt about the sporting character of this small car. Despite its compact dimensions (3.15 meters long, 1.69 wide and 1.54 high), it offers spacious interior able to comfortably accommodate four people. Inside, the atmosphere is decidedly technological, with a horizontal digital instrumentation which includes an instrument panel from 9.2 inches and an infotainment system with 8 inch touchscreen display.

Electric Mini Panda: Geely launches the Go Kart EditionElectric Mini Panda: Geely launches the Go Kart Edition

Electric Mini Panda: top technology and performance

The car also focuses on technology, with wireless connection, voice assistance it's a'dedicated app which allows you to remotely control various functions of the car, such as opening and closing the doors. Under the hood, we find a Magnetic synchronous electric motor permanent 41 HP and 110 Nm of maximum torque. The pilot can choose between two driving modes: Normal e Sportto adapt the car's behavior to your needs.

Geely has not yet revealed the battery specifications, but has confirmed that the price will be less than 10,000 euros. A truly interesting cost for an electric car that combines style, technology and driving fun, making it perfect for those looking for an agile and versatile vehicle for daily travel. The Mini Panda Go Kart Edition represents further confirmation of Geely's commitment to the electric mobility sector. The attractive design, technological features and affordable price make this small city car appealing to younger audiences.

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