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Electric scooter: from license plate to insurance, everything you need to know

The electric scooter has been much mistreated lately: from insurance to license plate, how should skaters behave? We see!

In the last few years, the world of urban mobility has changed radicallyoverwhelmed by the expansion of sharing services and the introduction of new means of transport such as bicycles, scooters and especially electric scooters, which have quickly established themselves as one of the most popular means of transport, particularly in large cities.

Their easy handlingthe possibility they offer of avoiding metropolitan traffic and solving the parking problem and the very fact they represent a green alternative compared to traditional petrol and diesel vehicles, they have meant that these vehicles have established themselves very quickly. Without considering that scooters and electric bikes, they have no age limits and anyone can use it without having to respect particular parameters.

Electric scooter: from license plate to insurance, everything you need to know

Electric scooter: the recent controversies

Just the electric scooter, however, has recently sparked a public and political debate: its sometimes reckless use, especially by young and very young people, the increase in accidents involving it and the absence of formal regulation for this category of vehicles, has raised serious concerns. This is why the Ministry of Transport has decided to include the possibility of an insurance obligation also for electric scooters.

The Minister’s words

Zero tolerance”: it is with these premises that the Minister of Transport Matteo Salvini promoted the new rules of the Highway Code, with the decree already approved by the Council of Ministers, which should arrive in Parliament by mid-October 2023. This move follows the new European directives on car insurance, which the Italian government has also extended to electric scooters.

The insurance obligation would concern all electric scooters, including those of private individuals, regardless of the method of use or the area in which they circulate. In addition to compulsory insurance, it is made explicit request for the introduction of a license plate identification for each electric scooter (natural consequence of compulsory insurance) and the obligation for drivers to wear helmets.

Electric scooter: from license plate to insurance, everything you need to know

How does electric scooter insurance work?

Just like for car insurance, scooter insurance will also include a basic premium to which the costs of the any additional guarantees you want: coverage for theft, for example, but also for driver injury and medical treatment. Users will therefore be able to customize their policy and choose the package they deem most suitable for their needs.

When the long bureaucratic process is over and the insurance obligation for electric scooters officially comes into force, all owners of this type of vehicle will have to request a quote and proceed with the signing of the contract. In general, beyond the scooter situation, which still is far from a clear definition, especially on the insurance side, to save on the cost of the premium, and guarantee a safe and complete policy, one of the suggestions is to rely on online insurance: there are many names in the insurance panorama, but only a few are virtuous examples. Let’s think, for example, of, an insurance brokerage company, part of the Admiral group, already known for its car and motorbike policies. has been alongside motorists and motorcyclists for years with seriousness and transparency, guaranteeing quality services at a competitive price.

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