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Electricity and gas increases, family expenses tripled

The new SOStariffe.it and Segugio.it Observatory shows how i price increases for electricity and gas bills we have tripled the expenses for families. Something that makes finding the right price on the free market even more essential: saving becomes even more fundamental.

Electricity and Gas increases, expenses triple: the analysis by Segugio.it and SOStariffe.it

Between 2021 and 2022, energy costs have really soared. We are talking about a transition from 0.07 € / kWh in the first quarter of 2021 to one average of € 0.33 / kWh in that of 2022 per electricity. And it’s still good compared to a few months ago, when we got to one punta at 0.41 €/kWh during the second quarter of the current year.

We are in an even worse situation for natural gas. In fact we passed da 0,15 €/Smc a 1,11 €/Smc in the comparison between the first quarter of 2021 and the third quarter of 2022. In essence, the price has increased twelve times as much.

price increases for electricity and gas bills segugio Sostariffe min

The protection rate is the highest ever, almost eight times that of April 2021. At the same time, the Single National Price (PUN)to which the free market price is linked, has fallen after the explosion of recent months.

Paolo Benazzi, Business Leader Gas&Power from MutuiOnline Group, underlines: “The offers for families and businesses today are essentially only at variable prices, which means that how much we will spend on the bill will depend on the trend of the wholesale price. The transition to the Free Market can guarantee concrete savings as long as a competitive tariff is carefully chosen, which resells the energy at the wholesale price with a low mark-up for the supplier “.

A change of supplier could make a difference. If last year a family spent 616 euros on electricity, this year they will touch 1.963 euro. For gas, we went from 1,428 euros to 4.400 euro in twelve months.

You can find the best offers, not only for families but also singles or couples, on SOStariffe.it and Segugio.it

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