Electricity and Gas: the rooms that consume the most (and how to save up to 550 euros)

Luce e Gas: le stanze che consumano di più (e come risparmiare fino a 550 euro) thumbnail

L’Observatory SOStariffe.it and Segugio.it Evaluate which rooms consume the most energy: bathroom and kitchen are at the top electricity and gas consumption. But the Observatory also reveals that, with the right offer from the Free Market, you can save money up to 550 euros per year.

Light and Gas: which rooms consume the most for SOStariffe.it and Segugio.it

The Observatory of the two platforms has taken into consideration as a reference an average family of four, residing in Milan. Which uses all the main appliances (including air conditioning), which are however of maximum efficiency. There are five rooms in consideration: kitchen, living room, bathroom, adult room and children’s room.

The total consumption comes to 1.767 kWhwhich with the market a Greater protection comes to an electricity bill of 883 euro. With the Mercato Liberto, you can get up to 371 euro (saving of -512 euros). For gas, 990 Scm are consumed, with a cost of 879 euros for protection and 841 for the free market: we are talking about a saving of 37 euro: in total, the right offer makes keep 550 euros in your pocket.

Among the rooms, the most expensive is the kitchen, as we could have assumed: here we find appliances such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, hob. Consume on average 537 kWh, an expense of 286 euros in the enhanced protection market (112 euros in the free one). It also spends 170 Smc of gas, for 150 euros (144€ in the free market).

Il bathwith washing machine and dryer, consumes up to 370 kWh (185 or 77 euros, between Tutela and free). Also, it consumes well 320 Smcespecially to heat water: a sepsa of 284 euros (or 272).

Il living room has many household appliances, which consume up to 470 kW (from 235 euros to 98 euros), above all because of the air conditioning in the summer. Also, consume 280 Smc gas for space heating.

The camera from bed for adults it can cnsumatre up to 100 kWh (50 euros for Tutela, 21 euros for Liberto) and up to 70 Smc of gas (62 or 50 euros). For children, who may also have a console, we get to consume up to 290 kWh of electricity and 150 Scm for gas.

You can find the right offer and save money on SOStariffe.it or Segugio.it.

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