Electronic Arts: According to Elle McCarthy, the term gamer makes no sense

Electronic Arts: secondo Elle McCarthy il termine gamer non ha più senso thumbnail

According to Elle McCarthy, vice president of the branding department of Electronic Arts, gaming has become such a widespread phenomenon that the term gamer has now lost its meaning.. According to the executives, gaming would no longer refer to a media or an industry, but simply to a type of interaction, since now you can interact through the game with practically every aspect of our life.

Electronic Arts: just call the gamers

A rather unusual point of view that of McCarthy on the gaming issue, which he explained to the microphones of AdWeek that to define a person as a gamer nowadays is to say that he is able to breathe, here is his statement on the matter:

“The video game is no longer just a medium or an industry, it is simply ‘interactive’. Nowadays you can interact with anything through games: from a category like interior design to cultural movements like Black Lives Matter or the exploration of sexual identity. “

As proof of this information, the manager explained that in the workplace he is often asked how he manages to make agreements with the greatest exponents of the videogame industry but, according to her, communicating with gamers is no different than communicating with any other person, since it is a far too abstract category and that, in truth, it does not really exist.

“Did you know that only 14% of players identify as a game and that this percentage drops to 6% for women? – McCarthy asked – This could be due to the confidence people find in playing with like-minded individuals, free from any kind of prejudice that can be applied in the real world, such as belonging to a certain political party ”.

Given that McCarthy heads EA’s branding division, it is very likely that he will want to use this view on the matter to renew the image of the company. But how is still a mystery.