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The integration of Facebook Oculus with the iOS Health App arrives

Good new for Facebook Oculus, the virtual reality headset launched on the market by the Zuckerberg company. Now, in fact, Oculus VR workouts are integrated with the iOS Health App, which manages the health data of iPhone and Apple Watch users. This new feature was recently anticipated by Bloomberg, and later confirmed by developer Steve Moser. From that moment on, some interesting advances about this feature began to circulate on the Net. Let’s find out what it is.

Facebook Oculus: integration with the iOS Health App arrives

“The feature would allow a user of the Oculus Move training system to add data, such as the number of calories burned, to the iPhone’s Health App. The hidden code in the Oculus App also refers to the ability to view Oculus training data on the Oculus VR headset previously saved in the Apple Health App “. Thus Moser anticipates the integration between Facebook Oculus and App Health, which will allow the viewer to access the health data of the well-known application.

At the moment, however, it is not clear when this new integration will actually be made available. Beyond this, it is impossible not to notice the commitment of Facebook to be able to better integrate its services with those of Apple. Of course, this could be a strategic move to get health data from iPhone and Apple Watch users. In doing so, after all the diatribes between Facebook and Apple on privacy and user tracking, the two companies seem to have found a meeting point.

The last thing we need to worry about, however, is how long this partnership will really last. Especially considering that the Cupertino company is working on its own AR / VR viewer, which could be released in the next 2022. Equipped with two 8K displays and advanced sensors, the Apple device could cost up to $ 3,000. An important figure, which we are sure will not stop the fans of the company. In the meantime, we could enjoy the new Facebook Oculus feature together.

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