Electronic Arts at the center of a new controversy: here are the details

Electronic Arts e la controversia sulla rimozione dei giochi: la compagnia si scusa thumbnail

One of the software houses that more often than others becomes the subject of various controversies is certainly Electronic Arts, which in the past few hours has sparked the ire of fans again. The reason behind this new popular uprising this time around is to be found in the removing some classic titles from the GOG.com catalog, an online store that deals with the distribution of video games on PC. Now Electronic Arts has given its official version regarding the controversy, declaring that it “did not consider the perspective of the players”.

Electronic Arts and the game removal dispute

GOG had already announced in June that several games would be removed from its digital shelves at EA’s request in late June. The titles in question were Ultima Underworld, Ultima Underworld 2, Syndicate Plus e Syndicate Wars.

Electronic Arts released all four on DOS in the 1990s and physical copies are now very difficult to obtain and are generally considered to be quite rare. While removing these classics did not affect players who had already downloaded them, it would have prevented any new users interested from approaching these products. EA has therefore decided to make them available again and even free as a form of apology to fans until September 3.

He recently returned to the question Chris Bruzzo, the software house’s vice president of marketing, said: “When we make decisions that impact players, we take the time to review the potential impacts and whether they serve the best interests of the players. When we removed Syndicate and Ultima Underworld from sale, we missed that step and therefore we have not fully considered the perspective of the players. From the level of player interest shown since we removed those games, it was clear that people wanted them to still be available. “

It should be emphasized that Electronic Arts is not new to these practices, just think that a few months ago the same fate had befallen various chapters of the saga of Need For Speed.

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