Electronic Arts: One of the creators of Halo will develop a new FPS game

Marcus Lehto, co-creator of the Halo saga, has joined with Electronic Arts to open a new studio, where he will have the opportunity to develop an FPS game

Marcus Lehto worked on Halo, Halo 2 and Halo 3, then created a new studio, V1 Interactive, and produced Disintegration, a new multiplayer shooter title. Unfortunately, this game did not lead him to the expected success, so much so that he had to close shop this year, but not before taking down the game’s servers just five months after launching the title. When Lehto was at Bungie, he had a successful career, but failed to achieve the same once he split from his old team. Despite this, the developer of Halo doesn’t seem to be there given up, demonstrating this by instilling a relationship with Electronic Arts to give rise to a new FPS game.

The Halo co-creator will be making a new FPS game with Electronic Arts

In fact, Lehto appears to have been planning his return to the gaming scene for some time, stating this through a Twitter post announcing big career decisions, adding how some of the fans who followed him would approve, while others would not. It is not known what he meant with certainty, but you can try to speculate something from the latest discoveries made through a post on Linkedin, from which a news about its future within the industry has leaked.

Electronic Arts: One of the creators of Halo will develop a new FPS game

On his Linkedin you can see a post from the developer of Halo, where he defines himself excited in announcing that he has joined Electronic Arts as a game director, that he has built a new studio and, among other things, that he is working on an FPS game. . According to GamesIndustry.biz, the new Lehto studio will be a subordinate of Vince Zampella, that is the one who is in charge of Respawn and DICE, respectively the developer studios of Apex Legends and Battlefield. We do not yet know what will be created by the ex of Halo, but given the prospects for sure it will be something inherent in online shooters.

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