Electronic Arts: potential acquisition in sight from Amazon?

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The shopping site goes shopping: the Amazon headhunters have set their sights on the videogame workshop of Electronic Arts

We recently made fun of the couriers of Amazonbut apparently today’s package is a surprise bordering on the unpredictable: a potential acquisition of Electronic Arts. We are as often happens in the realm of the gods rumor, and therefore caution is advised. The source GLHF (“Good Luck Have Fun,” in the case) did however expressly allude to an official announcement earlier today. It wouldn’t be the first acquisition case for a publisher prone to media controversies and pillories: in particular, Microsoft itself has dissipated Activision’s fuss in its own way.

The Electronic Arts conundrum: Amazon sells video games and who buys them?

For weeks there has been talk of an acquisition for Electronic Arts in reality, but it is only today that something more definitive hangs in the air with Amazon as a potential buyer. The e-commerce giant is moving into the world of media entertainment. With the success of The Witcher and Arcane on Netflix, both videogame adaptations (of which the first only partially), it is possible that the idea of ​​Jeff Bezos’ empire is to enjoy more IPs to be adapted with Amazon Prime Video. The transmedia opportunitieswith Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Dead Space out there, certainly no shortage.

The (for now only presumed) news, as we have had the opportunity to recall just now, follows a series of unprecedented acquisitions in the gaming industry. We have mentioned the most striking, which however is anything but the only one in the sector. Either way, it’s entirely possible that we’re only a few hours away from the actual official announcement. Our source attempted to contact the two parties involved in the potential merger, and just as the foreign press will not fail to report verbatim the response received, so will we. See you in a few hours, so … with the rumor is first of all reliable, of course.

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