Electronic Arts: soon a new scoop on the return of a beloved game

Leaker Tom Henderson said today in a new tweet how Electronic Arts is working on the return of a beloved game

Tom Henderson is a well-known figure within the gaming industry: he is in fact the author of a large number of leaks and sensational news concerning various important works, including Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and also of more or less important Ubisoft titles such as Sea of ​​Thieves. Often his revelations are over with correspondence to reality, and this leads us to think that the words published recently in a new tweet, concerning the return of an Electronic Arts game much loved by fans, can be founded. Plus, you won’t have to wait long to find out.

An announcement on the new Electronic Arts game will arrive soon

Electronic Arts now has a very large number of developer and IP studios. Over the years some of these have inevitably been abandoned, due to the company’s policies more and more times towards a certain videogame market aimed at micro-transactions, DLCs and experiences purely based on online. We also saw some kind of “internal competition” between games, as in the case of Titanfall, Medal of Honor and Battlefield, and not very far-sighted decisions taken on several occasions, playing the trust of users several times. Anyway, leaker Tom Henderson hints at the possibilities big news coming soon: in his tweet published a few hours ago, he declares that he has a huge scoop in store for users, adding that the main theme will be the return of a series produced by Electronic Arts and much loved by fans at the time.

No more information is available yet, but Henderson he wanted to reassure the most curious adding how the new scoop regarding the game in question will be unveiled tomorrow, November 10th. Among the possible palpable names, there are above all the franchises that have not been heard of for several years, such as Sim City and the BurnOut series, but also Command and Conquer and SSX. It goes without saying that a sequel to Titanfall is out of the question, and Medal of Honor has only recently had a resurgence, through a VR version. Be that as it may, tomorrow we will finally get to know the next project di Electronic Arts.

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