Electronic receipt: the pioneering vision of Gestisco Italia

The electronic receipt is yet another step towards the complete digitalization of work. It was already foreseen in the larger design started on January 1, 2019 with electronic invoicing

Obviously, everything does not end here, but it goes far beyond and Gestisco Italia understood this right away, when it started working to be able to offer all the professionals who have relied on the company for the combined management of electronic invoices. , electronic receipt and also the electronic fees, yet another novelty.

The almost futuristic vision had by FatturaPro is from Gestisco Italia, have led to the possibility of using a single software for the administrative management of each company, all thanks to a specially created wordpress plug-in. To understand how this works, you can log into the site fatturapro.click and keep reading.

What is the electronic receipt

The electronic receipt is mandatory from 1 January 2020 and consists of the obligation to store and transmit the payments. This obligation has been envisaged for all holders of a VAT number who carry out a retail trade activity. Among them we could, for example, mention:

  • bar;
  • restaurants;
  • clothes shops;
  • small supermarkets.

And much more.

Why was this method of issuing the receipt designed? Simply with the aim of combating all phenomena of tax evasion. In short, the task of the electronic receipt is essentially the same as that which had been entrusted to electronic invoicing.

What is needed

For electronic invoicing, a device with an internet connection and management software was indispensable. And for the electronic receipt? Well initially it was believed that every single activity should have been equipped with telematic cash registersthe. With an accompanying protest from all the professionals who would have had to face an expense like that of a new cash register.

All this to be able to memorize and then transmit the data of the electronic receipts.

The alternative was to use the data transmission procedure made available by‘Revenue Agency. The same alternative that was made available as regards electronic invoicing.

But then things changed.


Those who are obliged to issue the electronic receipt are required to memorize and electronically transmit the data of the daily payments.

But what changes from the old receipt that everyone knows to the one you are now obliged to? Obviously, first of all, the modern telematic method to be used has replaced paper.

What is important is that the document that is issued does not lack:

  • date and time at which the receipt is issued;
  • progressive numeration;
  • company, name, company name or name and surname of the professional issuing the receipt;
  • VAT number;
  • registered office;
  • description of the goods sold, name or code of the product;
  • amount to be paid;
  • VAT rate with respective amount.

The electric receipt with Gestisco Italia

We were just saying that things have changed, available to all holders of a VAT number, obliged to issue the electronic receipt. Gestisco Italia has decided to make a management software available, exactly as FatturaPro had done it for electronic invoicing, with considerable savings for the operator.

But Gestisco and FatturaPro allow much more, they allow you to manage the entire accounting process of the company in a synergistic and very simple way. Not only does it provide the possibility of issuing invoices in felectronic format, electronic receipts and send the electronic payments thanks to the WordPress plugins, but has also provided a section reserved for accountants and auditors who can access quickly and easily.

An extremely simple and fast management, which allows the technology to be perfectly integrated with the working methods. The service was born from the conviction of be able to make the approach with the new methods of issuing tax documents simple.

An innovative system that will make electronic invoicing and not just a real child’s play, allowing you to act in synergy with your auditor, not having to waste time in long procedures that take time and effort away from what is the core business of ‘agency.

All this while also managing to monitor the cyber security of your company in the best possible way.