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Elemental: the first trailer shows the new Pixar film

Let’s take a first look at Elemental, the new Disney Pixar film due out in 2023 which is shown with the first trailer

Long awaited, the first trailer of Elemental has finally arrived, the new Disney Pixar film that will be released in 2023 in Italian cinemas. The film bears the signature of a big name from the animation studio, Peter Sohn, who has collaborated on almost all of the films made by Pixar. Few details are known about Elemental, which as mentioned will be released in the course of 2023 and sees the protagonists Ember e Wadetwo inhabitants of Element City, the city where the four elements coexist: fire, water, air and earth. The two, with two decidedly different characters, will live a friendship that will change their perspectives on the world forever. Waiting for further details, here is the first Italian trailer of the film:


Not just Elemental: all upcoming Disney movies

On the occasion of the release of the trailer for Elemental, let’s discover all the upcoming Disney films that we will see on the big screen and on the Disney Plus platform. November 23rd will be the turn of Strange World – A mysterious world, an adventure in an uncharted land full of dangers, where the Clade family will come across a series of fantastic creatures. Then, in 2023 in addition to Elemental we will see the live action de The little Mermaid, which has generated quite a debate due to the presence of Halle Bailey as the protagonist. The film will be released on May 24, 2023 in cinemas.

In June it should be the turn of Elemental, followed in August by the remake de The ghost house, the film based on the famous Disney attraction which already had a successful version in 2003 with Eddy Murphy. We then head towards the end of 2023, when the Disney classic will be released Wish which, on the occasion of the centenary of Walt Disney, will celebrate the origins of the mythical wishing star. These are the Disney films scheduled for 2023 and for this finale of 2022, in addition of course to Marvel, Star Wars and Fox releases.

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