Elgato Facecam: much more than a webcam (and more)

The new Elgato Facecam is difficult to define as a webcam and looks more like a professional video camera. Made specifically for streamers and creators

Elgato, a leading provider of hardware and software for streamers and content creators, today announced the launch of Facecam, a new pioneering product in the world of professional quality webcam. Facecam captures video in True Full HD with a resolution of 1080p60, thanks to Elgato Prime lenses entirely in professional quality glass. Combining the quality of the Sony Starvis optical sensor, which offers exceptional indoor lighting conditions, and the optimized fixed focus, Facecam shoots you with superior video quality during live streaming, video calls, online courses or wherever high definition video quality is needed. The result? A customized webcam to create the highest quality content.

Together with Facecam, today Elgato also presents a new series of devices designed to optimize your production system: Wave XLR, un connettore XLR for audio interfaces and digital audio mixers equipped with USB-C; Stream Deck, now available with interchangeable shells, a detachable USB-C cable and a sleek new stand; and finally Wave Mic Arm e Wave Mic Arm LP, two fully adjustable boom arms for optimal desktop microphone placement.

Elgato Facecam: the professional webcam

Facecam is equipped with Elgato Prime f / 2.4 24-mm lenses, entirely in glass. One sensor Sony Starvis state-of-the-art CMOS with backlit pixels ensures stunning detail in a variety of lighting conditions, especially indoors. The optimized fixed focus allows you to move freely and always stay in focus, while an adjustable field of view of 82 ° allows you to set close-up or wide-angle shots. Facecam offers perfect images in True Full HD with a resolution of 1080p60fps, thanks to an advanced image technology that produces uncompressed quality video.

Elgato Facecam: much more than a webcam (and more)

Facecam simplifies the configuration and installation of the webcam in a professional way: with a mounting system compatible with any type of monitor or through the use of holder with 1/4 ″ thread. The detachable USB-C cable connection allows you to connect your PC or Mac with ultra-low latency of uncompressed image and data transfer. Furthermore, theapp Camera Hub included grants access to additional control to some of the adjustable settings on SLR cameras, including field of view, lighting and exposure. The customized settings are saved directly in the internal memory of the Facecam, so as to have them immediately available if the device is connected to other computers. Furthermore, il plugin Stream Deck fully supports integration with the entire system and the change of some parameters with a simple touch. Julian Fest, Senior VP and GM of Elgato says:

Thanks to Elgato’s many years of experience and innovation in every aspect of content creation, we are confident that our first webcam has set a new industry standard. Facecam is the result of thousands of hours of meticulous planning and comes at a time when more and more people are looking for a highly professional system capable of defining and increasing their audience. Facecam combines professional hardware and advanced software that offers users an intuitive solution and provides extraordinary performance through exceptional video quality. Manually calibrating a camera to capture the perfect shot has never been easier.

A great microphone for Elgato Facecam

Announced together with Facecam, Wave XLR connects your professional microphone with XLR connection to your PC, allowing you to optimize audio performance and integrateapp Elgato Wave Link to combine your microphone audio with multiple independent audio sources. Microphone control with Wave XLR is simple, thanks to the silent capacitive button that allows you to mute the microphone and the multifunctional control knob. Exclusive Clipguard technology prevents audio distortion during peak input levels, while an extremely quiet “gain” up to 75dB amplifies the intensity of the microphones. Wave XLR offers up to 48V of phantom power for condensing microphones, with extreme quality performance and audio detail. As with Facecam, Wave XLR also integrates seamlessly with each Stream Deck, allowing you further options for managing advanced audio control.

Elgato Facecam: much more than a webcam (and more)

Another announcement today is about updating the iconic Stream Deck

Stream Deck, the unmistakable interface with customizable LCD keys with icons and actions for controlling apps and tools, it now boasts removable components that allow users to completely customize their device. A new fixed angle desktop stand, which can be removed to place or mount the device however you like, keeps the Stream Deck securely in place. The USB-C cable can be removed and replaced with any other USB-C cable. In addition, the shell is easily removable to allow users to customize it using the different styles, colors and graphics of the wide range of shells available. With the recently updated Stream Deck 5.0 app, downloadable plugins from the Store, royalty-free audio tracks, sound effects and more, Stream Deck is now more than ever an extremely versatile and fully adaptable control interface to any computer workflow. It is also the ideal companion for Elgato products, including Facecam and Wave XLR.

Elgato Facecam: much more than a webcam (and more)

Finally, today the supports make their official entry into the Elgato selection of audio devices and accessories Wave Mic Arm e Wave Mic Arm LP, offering content creators, radio broadcasters, industry professionals, and anyone with a desktop audio system, two professional-quality editing options. Wave Mic Arm, a traditional hanging arm rod, has a height of 750mm and is equipped with a extension post that adds another 150mm in height, to allow you to have all the necessary flexibility. Wave Mic Arm LP, on the other hand, is a low-profile all-metal boom arm that positions at shoulder height to ensure an unobstructed view and achieve a stunning effect, in front or behind the camera. With a sleek and elegant appearance, both microphone stands are equipped with easy access channels and with removable covers, an adjustable clamp system that adapts to the most common desk configurations and a ball head with 1/4 ″ thread and 3/8 ″ -5/8 ″ adapters for extreme flexibility. Whether you are a beginner or are considering a system upgrade, Facecam and the brand new Elgato streaming devices and accessories are the ideal solutions to transform your desktop into a professional studio.

Elgato Facecam: much more than a webcam (and more)

Availability, warranty and prices

IS can buy immediately Elgato Facecam, Stream Deck, Wave XLR, Wave Mic Arm and Wave Mic Arm LP through the international network of Elgato and CORSAIR authorized resellers and distributors. Elgato Facecam, Stream Deck, Wave XLR, Wave Mic Arm and Wave Mic Arm LP are backed by a two year warranty and are backed by CORSAIR and Elgato customer service and technical support available worldwide. For updated prices of Elgato Facecam, Stream Deck, Wave XLR, Wave Mic Arm and Wave Mic Arm LP, please refer to their respective official websites.

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