Elon Musk: a whole new social network on the way?

Elon Musk creerà un nuovo social network? L'imprenditore ci sta pensando thumbnail

Elon Musk would be considering opening a new one social network, aimed at defending freedom of speech, at least according to the richest man in the world. The announcement came after Musk posted a poll on Twitterasking his follower if the platform guaranteed them freedom of expression: the answer, as you may have already guessed, was a no for 70% of users who voted.

Will Elon Musk create a new social network?

Immediately after a clear majority consolidated in the poll, the Tesla CEO he immediately revealed his intentions: “Since Twitter has become a de facto public square, the fact that it does not respect free speech undermines the principles of democracy. What should be done? Do you need to create a new platform? “

Musk then responded to several comments specifying that he is seriously considering the possibility of opening a new platform social, but there was no lack of alternative proposals. For example, according to some users it would be more effective to make investments and join the board of directors of Twitterso you can make changes to the social network directly from within.

As expected from such a post, however, there are currently thousands of comments, not only from private users, but also from companies that have made these battles their own in a more or less controversial way. A striking example of this is the intervention of Rumblethe social media that welcomed members of the Trumpian right after the defeat of the former president in the elections.

In any case, at the moment it is difficult to understand if this is the umpteenth shot of Musk on Twitter or if the entrepreneur really intends to launch his social network. We do not doubt that the resources are not lacking, so everything can be expected.