BMW Motorrad GS Academy: off-road school starts again

BMW Motorrad GS Academy: riparte la scuola di fuoristrada thumbnail

BMW Motorrad has announced the restart of the BMW Motorrad GS Academy. Founded in 2007, the historic off-road school aims to accompany all enthusiasts in learning off-road driving. For users there is the possibility to access targeted courses with the aim of improving driving technique as well as confidence on natural roads. On the occasion of the restart, the GS Academy takes on a new formula. Here are the details:

The BMW Motorrad GS Academy restarts

BMW Motorrad has announced a complete transformation for the GS Academy. The proposed offer no longer includes just the driving course but also real experiences riding the GS. All experiences will be fully adaptable to both the level and expectations of individual GS Academy participants. Those who have never ridden a motorcycle and do not have a driving license but want to get familiar with the world of two wheels will also be able to access courses on a closed circuit.

For fans there will be five different experiences characterized by an increasing level:

  • Welcome Rider
  • GS Training
  • GS For You
  • GS Experience
  • GS Adventouring

There is also the GS Farm

The basis of the GS Academy is represented by the GS Farm. It is an easily accessible estate located near Tavernago, on the Piacenza hills. The GS Farm is located in an ideal setting for off-road driving with many paths to discover.

For all the details on the initiative, you can take a look at the official website.