Elon Musk confirms Starship’s first orbital flight: that’s when it will happen

Elon Musk conferma il primo volo orbitale di Starship: ecco quando avverrà thumbnail

Elon Musk has confirmed that the first Starship launch will take place in 2022. The SpaceX rocket will enter a final test phase over the next few weeks and then set off for its first orbital launch, likely in January next year. Space X’s ultimate goal is to make Starship a system capable of transporting humans throughout the solar system.

The first Starship launch will arrive in 2022: the confirmation of Elon Musk

The coming year will be pivotal to Starship’s future, as Musk points out. SpaceX should proceed with the first orbital launch already in January and then continue with numerous tests in the following months. These test flights will be essential in order to be able to permanently launch commercial service and a regular launch program in the future. Much will depend on the outcome of the first test which, if successful, could speed things up considerably.

I circle the Earth in the first flight

The first test of Starship’s SN20 prototype will be featured for a turn aroundor to the Earth. The planned landing, according to SpaceX’s plans, will take place near the Hawaiian island of Kauai. More details about Elon Musk’s space agency plans are expected to emerge over the next few weeks. Of course, 2022 could be a year to remember for orbital flights and SpaceX.