Halo Infinite: how to play with friends

As everyone knows by now, the free-to-play multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite is already available: now that we have all had the opportunity to try it pad in hand, here we are with this guide to explain how to play in company with friends

As we have already seen in several other articles, a few days ago the release of the part was announced as a surprise multiplayer free-to-play di Halo Infinite, with ben three weeks in advance compared to the launch date communicated previously. Finally, therefore, we were able to get our hands on what is the final product of the component competitive online, and we can only be happy. The goal of this article will therefore be to help you in your experience by explaining quickly how to play with friends online, starting from reminding you of the potential of cross play.

Cross-play means more interconnection

Before starting to explain specifically how to play with friends, for those who do not know what it is or who had not remained in the know, the cross-play of Halo Infinite allows players of any platform to play together. Be up PC (gives Steam or from Microsoft Store), its Xbox One or his Xbox Series X|S, you can freely form groups by crossing platforms, therefore without any limitations related to hardware.

In recent years this functionality has proved increasingly popular with communities related to online multiplayer video games, and the fact that it has also been added for Halo Infinite multiplayer can only please. So know that connecting with other players you will have to refer to yours linked Xbox Live account.

Halo Infinite: how to play with friends

Social Menu – Halo Infinite: how to play with friends

To get started, the first essential step will be to access the Social section of the game menu. You can access it by pressing the tasto Tab or by selecting View from the main menu. In the Social section you can view your training Fireteam (or your party), or create one by navigating to the Friends tab, from which you can see all your friends on Xbox Live. If you have not registered your friends on Xbox Live (perhaps because they use other services, especially for PC players), you will clearly have to send your friendship request to contacts.

Halo Infinite: how to play with friends

Local multiplayer with split screen? – Halo Infinite: how to play with friends

Other players, mindful of the past statements development team, they may be wondering how to play with friends on Halo Infinite via lo instead split screen, which would also allow you to play games in local multiplayer (or play online with multiple users on the same hardware): without beating around the bush, the feature is not yet available.

Although 343 Industries had said the intention was to add this functionality by the launch of the final version of the game due to on December 8th, nothing prevents them from changing plans change during development. What remains for us to do therefore is to wait, perhaps enjoying what is available right now.

Halo Infinite: how to play with friends


Now that you understand how to play with friends on Halo Infinite, we just have to wish you all good fun. To have others help on Halo Infinite, we recommend another of our guide, in which we explain how to quickly level up with the battle pass. If, on the other hand, it is your habit to complete trophies and achievement, here is the complete list.

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