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Elon Musk found the funds to buy Twitter

The acquisition is now ready. Elon Musk found i funds for acquire Twitter and presented his plan to the Securities and Exchange Commission. An offer from 46.5 billion dollars21 billion of which will come from his personal funds while 25.5 billion comes from loans. But no other buyers: Musk wants Twitter and he wants it all for himself.

Elon Musk found the funds to buy Twitter

Musk filed his plan with the SEC, so it becomes public and visible to all shareholders. Morgan Stanley Senior Funding will provide a number of loans to secure the coverage of $ 25.5 billion, while the rest will come directly from the pockets of Tesla’s CEO.

The letter also makes it clear that Twitter hasn’t responded to Musk so far. In fact, he explains that Musk “is ready to start negotiations immediately “hinting that they have not yet started because the board of directors of the company (of which Musk is the main shareholder) did not want to start supporting them.

The bank loan comes despite Bloomberg estimates Musk’s assets to be around 249 billion dollars because most of his wealth remains tied to Tesla shares. The tycoon can borrow on stocks, but there is a limit (especially for stocks as rapidly changing as Tesla’s).

Another uncertainty in the last few hours has been about Twitter’s profitability, with Musk having repeatedly said that for him it is not about making money but about keeping his positions from “Absolutist of free speech”. Not a simple prospect to sell to a potential co-buyer.

So Musk goes on his own, borrowing $ 25.5 billion from the bank to purchase a manufacturing company one billion in revenues a year. But with the idea of ​​”unleashing the extraordinary potential” of the platform.

Now the decision rests with the BoD, which in the meantime has however applied the “poisoned pill“To prevent Musk from using these funds for one Opa ostile, by purchasing the company directly from investors. We will keep you posted.

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