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Pesaro Film Festival 2022: the poster and the initials of the 58th edition

The poster and the initials of the next 58th edition of the Pesaro International New Cinema Show have been unveiled. A precious tribute to all cinema without distinction, to the thousand aspects of the seventh art, and to all the riches of the event

Presented by The Pesaro Nuovo Cinema Foundation, the poster and the initials of the next 58th edition of the International Exhibition of New Cinema. Scheduled from 18 to 25 June 2022; both they are born from an idea to better capture the essence and multifaceted nature of the festival; they see the signature of the well-known artist UOLLI (Tomas Marcuzzi); former author of successful musical video clips (such as Lo stato sociale, Brunori Sas) and collaborator of the most important Italian cultural festivals (the latest, the 69th edition of the Venice Film Festival).

Waiting for the rich official program of the festival; here is the initials of the next edition.

Pesaro Film Festival 2022: homage to the beauty of the seventh art

Optical games, automations and mechanisms. A dear old film, classic 3D glasses with blue and red lenses. This and much more can be seen enclosed in the presentation theme of the next edition of the Pesaro Film Fest.

big theMay to the beauty of the seventh art, showing every aspect curious and profound of the cinema; from tradition to innovation.

As also stated by the artist UOLLI himself:

The idea of ​​creating a totally mechanical installation entirely dedicated to cinema stems from the same curiosity and the same spirit of the Festival. Everything has been designed to represent every aspect of the seventh art, from the first visual experiments to optical games, up to its most pop imagery. The final result is a sort of weird automated infernal machine that, in its colors, tangled cables and a thousand mechanisms and animations, wants to represent the richness and the thousand facets of the Pesaro Film Festival

The 58th edition of the International Exhibition of New Cinema; it is realized thanks to the contribution of the Ministry of Culture – Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual, the Municipality of Pesaro and the Marche Region.

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