Elon Musk ha pubblicato il video ufficiale della sua canzone house thumbnail

Elon Musk has released the official video of his house song

Elon Musk has released the official video of his house song thumbnail

Credit: Twitter | Elon Musk

Tycoon, CEO and technical director of Space X and Tesla and innovator. To these names, referring to the owner of Tesla Elon Musk, we could also add a producer today, as the billionaire has released the first official video of one of his songs. The song actually dates back to 2020 and is called Don’t Doubt Your Vibe. This is in effect a techno piece, the second single after 2019’s RIP Harambe.

More than a video of a song, the clip looks like a Tesla commercial with the song in the background. In fact, the video shows various models of the popular car manufacturer of which Musk is CEO, such as the Tesla Y and the Tesla 3.

Elon Musk the video of his house song


The video was produced by Tesla’s Chinese team, who prepared the cars and programmed them in such a way that the displays would go to the beat of the music. Musk’s voice can also be heard in the song. Meanwhile, the billionaire temporarily changed his name on Twitter for the occasion. Taking up his initials – and referring to the musical genre EDM (Electronic Dance Music) – Musk is called E “D” M on what is his favorite social network.

In subsequent posts Musk posted photos in the recording studio, reassuring skeptics and saying that he had personally composed the music and written the lyrics for the song.

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