Elon Musk loses $ 10 billion after sexual assault allegations

Elon Musk ha perso 10 miliardi di dollari a causa delle accuse di violenza sessuale thumbnail

The allegations (all to be proven) of sexual assault brought by a SpaceX worker to Elon Musk caused the latter considerable economic damage. Musk, in fact, in just 24 hours recorded one loss of 10 billion dollars due to stock market swings in response to the above allegations.

Elon Musk loses $ 10 billion after sexual assault allegations

In a matter of hours, Musk’s worth of assets went from $ 212 billion to $ 201 billion. The allegations emerged based on an article published by Business Insider. According to reports from a friend of the alleged victim, Musk would have made particularly strong advances that would have been rejected by the woman, at the time of the SpaceX employee. The same woman reported the incident to SpaceX’s human resources division only two years after the incident (in 2018).

According to what emerged, Musk would have paid $ 250,000 in exchange for the alleged victim’s silence. The news of the alleged accusation was enough to cause a collapse of Tesla’s shares and the value of Elon Musk’s assets which, over the last 5 months (due to various events, starting with the Twitter case), has already lost 69 billion dollars.

After the allegations last week, however, Tesla shares have recovered in value. We will see how the case evolves.