Pac-Man is coming to Fortnite on the occasion of the anniversary of the iconic arcade

Pac-Man sta per arrivare su Fortnite in occasione dell’anniversario dell’iconico arcade thumbnail

It has already been 42 years since that May 1980, when that yellow ball first appeared in an arcade video game. Since then, everyone has loved him, even the flat-earthers who have dedicated a bizarre conspiracy theory to him. To celebrate Pac-Man’s 42nd anniversary, the iconic ball will arrive on an equally beloved modern video game: Fortnite. This is yet another crossover episode for Epic Games’ highly acclaimed Battle Royale, which will welcome Pac-Man starting June 2, 2022.

Fortnite x Pac-Man: an arcade-flavored crossover operation

The rumors began to circulate yesterday, May 22, when the Fortnite Twitter account published a post greeting Pac-Man’s 42nd birthday. The message obviously intrigued the fans, who immediately looked forward to a new crossover, as Epic’s Battle Royale has often accustomed us to. Suspicions confirmed less than 24 hours later, as today the official Pac-Man website announced that this new collaboration between the two popular video games will begin in June.

At the moment the details are scarce, and are limited to a date (June 2) and a generic “soon more information”. It is easy to understand, however, that the contents will cover skins and cosmetics, as well as parachutes, collection tools, loading screens and emotes.

Pac-Man’s appearance will coincide with the upcoming Battle Royale Season 2 Chapter 3 finale. It is rumored that the return of Mecha Team Leader will also be seen for the occasion. In another news of another Fortnite crossover we reported the imminent arrival in-game of content dedicated to Obi-Wan Kenobi.