Elon Musk puts Twitter Blue relaunch on hold

Musk annuncia il ritorno di Twitter Blue il 29/11 thumbnail

Elon Musk has decided to pause the relaunch of Twitter Bluewhich after the turmoil of the last few weeks, should have arrive on November 29th. Musk appears to have (finally) acknowledged the core issue, saying Twitter will no longer provide blue verified account checks until “there will not be a high security of blocking who impersonates another.

Elon Musk puts Twitter Blue relaunch on hold

The increase of the subscription to $7.99 for Twitter had allowed everyone to have a blue checkmark, which ensured that the account was verified. What was previously reserved only for personalities with names, companies and institutions. The result was chaos: from Super Mario playing middle finger to hundreds of fake Elon Musks on the platform.

Twitter has therefore proposed several solutions, from different colors for companies and individuals to a gray label with the official writing. All proposals that Musk rejected, although wanting to relaunch the service for November 29th.

Me in one tweet on Monday Nov. 21, he said this new Twitter Blue is on hold until they find a fix.

Users who wanted to experience the thrill of a blue tick next to their name will have to wait. Twitter is working on a fix. And not only that: it seems that Musk also wants to implement features such as encrypted messages and secure video calls soon, in what defines a “Twitter 2.0”.

Meanwhile, several users are downloading their data and considering moving to other platforms such as Mastodon. But Musk reported that active users are instead increased by 1.6 million since he has been the CEO of the social network, reaching the record of 259.4 million.

The coming weeks could be decisive for the social network, with new features that could make a difference. If they arrive in time, as Musk hopes. Even if the CEO seems to have decided not to set more rigid and impossible dates to follow.