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Also Sangiovanni Butterflies in Just Dance 2023 Edition

Bad weather, winter and little desire to go out to dance? Don’t worry: with Just Dance 2023 you can do “the revelry” even at home, transforming the living room into a dancefloor. Among the songs announced in the 2023 edition also the megahit Farfalle by Saint Johncomplete with unpublished choreography created for the occasion by Giulia Stable.

Not bad news for fans of videogame dance, but also for fans of Italian music. In fact, Sangiovanni enters the playlist of a game that includes world icons such as Dua Lipa e Bruno Mars.

“Creating a choreography for Just Dance excited me a lot”, Giulia Stabile enthusiastically declared. “I have seen the image of me that grows year after year, a fixed appointment. It was the favorite Christmas present. Being in it now really feels good. Then, having danced Farfalle makes me even happier: it’s a song that is a bit part of me and talks about something I too experienced”.

Just Dance 2023 Giulia Stabile Sangiovanni ButterfliesJulia Stable

What you need to know about Just Dance 2023 Edition

The new edition of Just Dance will present itself with a different look, modernizing its layout and introducing various new features in 3D. The online multiplayer will allow you to expand your dance parties, while maintaining the possibility of playing locally. Among the novelties also the Reward system: the game will reward the progress of the dancer, constantly proposing challenges and objectives to be achieved. There are also numerous free updates that will be released throughout the year.

The playlist includes 40 new songs including Farfalle by Saint JohnPhysical of Two LipaLocked Out of Heaven di Bruno MarsDynamite gods BTSRadioactive of the Imagine Dragons, Telephone at Lady Gaga ft. Beyoncé and Wannabe’s Itzy.

Just Dance 2023 is available starting today on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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