Elon Musk wants to raise the limit on Twitter to 1,000 characters

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Elon Musk has another idea for a change Twitter: wants to raise the cap of characters per tweet at 1,000nearly quadrupling the current limit of 280. It would be the second time the social network has increased the number of letters, symbols and spaces to put in each tweet: the last time was in 2017when it went from the original 140 to the current 280.

Twitter: Elon Musk wants to raise the cap of characters per tweet to 1,000

According to Business Insider, among the many proposals that the new CEO of Twitter Elon Musk is considering, there is the possibility of raising the limit of characters. A user recently tweeted the billionaire to switch to 420 characters, with Musk having replied “good idea“. But it seems he wants to increase the limit by more than double: After a user suggested going to 1,000 characters, Musk said it’s “on the to do list”.

Twitter was also engrossed in fame for the speed of its posts: the 140-character tweets forced one to express oneself in an ultra-synthetic way. In 2017, a first concession: 280 characters to express concepts while avoiding misunderstandings. But always very briefly, especially compared to other social networks (on Instagram for example the limit is 2,200).

Musk’s new idea, on the other hand, greatly widens the maximum limit: a thousand characters are enough to write a short text. What will improve in clarity risk losing in incisiveness?

Among the innovations that Musk wants in his Twitter 2.0 there is the possibility of writing longer texts, even if it is not clear if they can be interior items (in Medium style) or an extension of the character limit. We’ll just have to wait to figure it out.

The same applies to other news that Musk would like: encrypted private messages, payments on the platform and last but not least the blue check for the verified account. There’s no shortage of ideas, the implementation has been a bit chaotic for now: we’ll see if it improves.

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