Elon Musk’s Starlink network encounters an unexpected obstacle: cats

La rete Starlink di Elon Musk incontra un ostacolo inaspettato: i gatti thumbnail

Starlink, the ambitious company of internet satellite of Elon Musk, could be severely tested by the Lords of the Internet: cats. That of Starlink it is a more than ambitious project that has already become a reality. An intricate network of satellites launched into space will bring the internet to the most remote areas of the planet where cables and various fibers are impossible to install.

However, cats could alter this futuristic dream with their wonderful presence and natural attraction to Starlink’s parables.

The Internet of Starlink VS. Cats: what’s going on?

The challenge between cats and Starlink was revealed after one of the company’s first customers Tweeted the photo of five (adorable) cats perched right on Starlink’s parable. The dish is one of the main tools for installing the service and its attractiveness towards the felines in question is due to a self-heating function. This is in fact designed for the coldest areas of the planet and prevents snow and cold from damaging or altering the speed of the internet.

It goes without saying that having five cats on the dish greatly impairs Starlink’s performance and the feline problem has been reported to the company. It must also be said that the user in question has placed the dish on the ground and is thinking of solving the problem by simply repositioning it in a raised area, away from cats looking for heat.

The other problems of Starlink

It must be said that a bunch of cats on the dish are Starlink’s last thoughts right now. The company has in fact encountered a much more serious problem with China due to a near-collision between the Chinese space station of Tiangong and the Starlink satellites.

The Chinese space station Tiangong it was in fact forced to change its course twice to avoid two collisions. The two events date back precisely to July and October.

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