Emilia-Romagna flood: electric cars in quarantine for 15 days

Alluvione Emilia-Romagna: le auto elettriche in quarantena per 15 giorni thumbnail

The electric cars affected by the flood in Emilia-Romagna they will have to stay in quarantine for 15 days, staying outdoors and away from other cars. The decision comes after a fire in the municipality of Ravenna.

Electric cars in quarantine for 15 days after the flood in Emilia-Romagna

As a precaution, the authorities of Ravenna and the fire brigade they decided to put in quarantine for 15 days electric and hybrid cars who were involved in the flood. This is to prevent the risk of fires, which has already occurred these days.

As reported on the site of the Municipality of Ravenna, the owners of electric and hybrid vehicles which have been submerged by water due to adverse weather conditions of the last days will have to follow some preventive indications to safeguard public safety.

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In particular, the vehicles must be left for 15 days in open spaces, keeping a distance of at least five meters between them. The same distance must also be respected compared to houses and other buildings. The same advice applies to cars exposed to very humid environments.

The Ravenna Fire Brigade has asked to remove electric cars from the flooded areas. The reason is that a Nissan caught fire after being submerged in water a Fornace Zarattini, a hamlet close to Ravenna among the most affected by bad weather. The fire threatened to involve also the other cars in the dealership where was the Nissan. Thanks to the timely intervention of the Fire Brigade, the situation was brought under control. But to avoid further problems, they recommend letting electric cars dry well away from the others.

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