Emilio Cozzi: SPAZIO e TECNOLOGIA cosa NON abbiamo capito?

Emilio Cozzi: SPACE and TECHNOLOGY what did we NOT understand? | THE WAYS OF TECH • Techprincess

Emilio Cozzi: SPACE and TECHNOLOGY what did we NOT understand?  |  THE WAYS OF TECH thumbnail

The technology we use every day is largely the result of investments made in space exploration over the past 50 years. Oh yes because without space, the Internet as we know it, TV as we know it, satellite navigation, would not exist at all. But there is no shortage of criticism every time and we could sum it all up with this statement: “if we invested all that money here on earth, we could most likely end world hunger”. Let’s say that it is a somewhat simplistic view of the situation… and it is precisely for this reason that, thanks to the wise words of Emilio Cozzitoday our new column THE LIFE OF TECH will try to explain why life on Earth is space based.

Let’s talk about space and technology with Emilio Cozzi

Talking about space is not easy, you need to know enough but above all you need to be broad-minded. Thanks to the help of the journalist and space popularizer Emilio Cozzi we will explain why we talk about space economy (because no, it’s not just money spent but it’s a real business), because the cameras of our smartphones are so small and because some diagnostic tests have been made possible thanks to space exploration.

Is all this not enough? Well, then I suggest you don’t miss our interview with Emilio Cozzi. You will not regret it.

Questions to Emilio Cozzi

In the unfortunate event that you are only interested in some of the topics of the interview, the video has been divided into chapters which correspond to a question.

  • 03:45 What does a space reporter do?
  • 05:45 What does it mean that our daily life is SPACE BASED? LE VIE DEL TECH – along the roads of innovation!
  • 08:50 How are the cameras of our smartphones related to space?
  • 13:10 “Space puts the best ideas of others on the launch pad”. What does it mean?
  • 17:27 How did SpaceX revolutionize the world of space?
  • 22:20 What is the business model of a private space company?
  • 25:06 Why are satellites and microsatellites so important to our everyday life?
  • 28:33 Are there any “no fly zones” in space?
  • 30:30 Do satellites have geopolitical implications? What can be the risks?
  • 32:42 “WHEN COMPUTERS WERE HUMAN”… what does this sentence reported on the NASA website mean?
  • 34:47 In space, they use “ancient” technology… especially the Russians. For what reason?
  • 37:05 What benefits do we get from scientific experiments on the International Space Station ISS?
  • 41:20 What does the space race mean for China in technological terms?
  • 44:41 Could we use space as a “mine” to mine rare earths?

Next episode of Le Vie del Tech

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