Encased  è ufficialmente disponibile su Steam, GOG ed Epic Games Store thumbnail

Encased is officially available on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store

Dark Crystal Games and Prime matter have announced that Encased, the science fiction tactical RPG, is finally available around the world, on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store. Coinciding with today’s launch is a brand new trailer that offers a quick overview of the title. The game is configured as an interesting role-playing game that rewards unusual approaches.

Encased is officially available

The story of Encased is set before, during and after an apocalypse in an alternate universe of the 1970s after humanity discovered “The Dome“; a giant dome left by an unknown civilization. Players begin their journey in one of five disciplines – science, engineering, security, management or detention – which affects both their starting stats and specialization and opens (or prevents) a unique dialogue within the game.

However, the initial mission turns into a disaster when a strange anomaly of incredible proportions – The Maelstrom – goes out of control, cutting off all communication with the outside world and plunging The Dome into chaos. Lonly hope of survival is to travel across the vast wasteland, find companions and confront or cooperate with the six factions that have arisen since then.

“In the beginning there was nothing but the concept of an RPG with enormous freedom of choice. After three years of hard work, we have managed to create an entire universe populated by hundreds of characters, warring factions, anomalies, artifacts and mysteries. All of this would have remained a dream without the incredible support of our community, investors, publishers, and most importantly, gamers. This is the path we have traveled with you, ”he said Viacheslav Kozikhin, Creative Director di Dark Crystal Games.

The game also encourages strategy alternative: players can create a character with low intelligence to get unique character dialogue and reactions; or play as a pacifist, using only non-lethal methods to eliminate enemies; or they can kill every living thing in their path by turning The Dome into a very lonely place indeed (alternatively they can use their dialectic and their charisma to resolve conflicts).

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