Microsoft News becomes Microsoft Start

Microsoft News diventa Microsoft Start thumbnail

If you know Microsoft News you know well that the service allows you to read a considerable amount of articles taken from protected sources such as Bloomberg or the New York Times. What you may not know, however, is that the portal now has a new name: Microsoft Start. But despite the name change, the service will be available in the same ways as News. As a standalone website, integrated into Windows 10 and 11, as a new UI part of the Microsoft Edge tab, and finally as a mobile app.

Microsoft Start, the new version of the News service

The Microsoft News Android App was recently updated with the new Microsoft Start name and logo, while remaining virtually identical to the previous version. As usual, in fact, the Home section shows the stories of partner publications that can be viewed by readers without any distraction. Additionally, users have the ability to access settings for select sources and topics of interest. Or to decide which issues to exclude from the news proposal. In any case, all the articles can be viewed directly within the Microsoft site, so as to ensure the most consistent browsing experience possible.

In addition, a kind of web browser is also added to the Microsoft Start service in which users can also search for articles they want to view. This way, however, you will be directed directly to the publishing sites, which means that you will be subject to any possible and applicable paywall. Users can also enter their own reaction to the article, using the thumb up and / or down icons. Simply put, the service will continue to work exactly like the old Microsoft News, but under a different naming. An idea that the tech giant had to increase revenue for the service itself. And that we are sure it will achieve its goal.

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