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Enel X down, the service does not work nationwide

The app of Enel X does not work: the service down seems to involve electric cars nationwide. The application, which is used to access the electric charging stations, does not work. And the operator’s customer service let us know that the problem is extended to all of Italy.

Enel X down, the service does not work nationwide

Enel X is the division of the Enel group that deals with innovative solutions for electric mobility, energy efficiency, intelligent energy management and renewable sources. Among the solutions it offers are the charging stations for electric cars, domestic and industrial storage systems, digital platforms for monitoring and optimizing consumption, public and private LED lighting projects, micro-grids and energy communities.

The application that manages access to the columns represents a focal point of the Enel X service system. And while one of our colleagues was trying to recharge her electric car, she encountered the problem on the application. By calling the helplinewe discovered that the problem is not with the smartphone or with the connection, but at the national server level.

At the moment there are no official communications from the company and we don’t know what could have caused the problem. But not being able to use the application, it is also impossible to recharge.

Not only Enel X, even A2A’s electricity columns are not working

A2A also had problems, not with the application but directly with the line of electric charging stations. In fact, A2A users have received this report, which underlines how some columns do not work.

electric columns do not work min

Difficult to understand when the problem can be solved. But with the onset of the summer weekend, many users could take advantage of the service Enel X to reach your holiday destination by electric car. So we recommend replanning your itinerary, taking into account the down.

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