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Energy savings in Formula E are guaranteed by ABB technology

Thanks to technology ABB in the Formula E energy savings are more than guaranteed with the energy management software solution ABB Ability™ OPTIMAX®.

ABB technology in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship

The Championship was held last week at Mexico Citywhere ABB Ability™ OPTIMAX® was used in the competition, proving to be an excellent tool for monitoring and analyzing the total energy produced, contributing to more efficient use.

A total of 14 control units were installed which collected all the data relating to the amount of electricity used by the teams and partners in the race and the amount of electricity consumed in a certain period of time.

All this data was then sent to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

“For ABB, the Formula E partnership has always been more than a race, it is a proving ground for innovative technologies and we intend to continue to bring more of our solutions to the races. Energy efficiency is key to reducing emissions and achieving sustainability goals and ABB Ability™ OPTIMAX® will be fully implemented this season to help improve this across the championship,” he said. Daniela Lužanin, head of the ABB partnership for Formula E.

A further challenge in the present as well as in the future is represented by the various road circuits used in the Formula E Championships, which require power sources in different places. ABB Ability™ OPTIMAX® will therefore help solve this problem by providing a blackboard that provides real-time data of all the energy present on the track, thus enabling Formula E teams to make their activities more efficient.

“As the first sport to be certified as net-zero carbon from the outset, we are always looking for new ways to make the series as sustainable as possible. With ABB Ability™ OPTIMAX® we are able to better monitor our energy consumption and understand where savings can be made,” he said. Jamie Reigle, CEO of Formula E.

When will the championship start?

Season 9 of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship got underway in Mexico City on 14 January. The season calendar features a total of 16 races in 11 global locations, including some new host cities such as Hyderabad, Cape Town, Sao Paulo and Portland.

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