ENERMAX announces a wide range of new products at Computex 2021

ENERMAX has been extensively proven to make CPU components of great quality and excellent performance. Here are the news announced at Computex 2021

Since they were put on sale, the power supplies ENERMAX 1000W have received well-known awards from both the consumer and industrial markets. For example, ENERMAX MaxTytan 1250 watt was selected by the masters of overclocking for its record-breaking performance and ENERMAX MAXREVO 1350 watt it is the preferred choice of industrial companies due to its stable performance and reliability.

2000 watt 80 PLUS Gold power supply: the smallest ever

In 2021, ENERMAX introduces MAXREVO 2000, a 2000 watt 80 PLUS Gold power supply in the smallest form factor, with a chassis depth of only 180 mm. In addition, it is also equipped with the button Turbo Switch patented with which it sets the fan speed to the maximum speed of 3100 rpm. The advantage of this button is that it can increase the cooling of critical components by 10-15 ° C.

ENERMAX announces a wide range of new products at Computex 2021

MAXREVO 2000 is equipped with a powerful + 12V single track capable of delivering up to 166A thanks to a total of 12 PCI-E connectors. MAXREVO 2000 can support at least 4 GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards or up to 12 VGA cards. Furthermore, MAXREVO 2000 is equipped with capacitors at 105 ° C at 100%, which support two sets of CPU slots, a fully modular cable design that ensures long-lasting operation and flexible cable management.

The MAXREVO 2000 power supply is 80 PLUS Gold and 80 PLUS Gold 230V EU certified, which can provide full 1600 watts of output power under 115V and 2000 watts of output power below 230V.

Variable semi-fanless innovative control patent

The innovation behind ENERMAX’s R&D ability is not only on larger wattage power units, but also offers an undisturbed processing experience to all users. ENERMAX’s latest patented semi-fanless variable control is integrated into ENERMAX’s new next generation 80 PLUS Gold and Platinum certified power units.

ENERMAX announces a wide range of new products at Computex 2021

Users can choose to run the fan constantly or start it when a system load of 15% or 30% is reached. Semi-fanless variable control can set the fan idle to provide a near-silent power operation.

Economic power supply 80 PLUS Bronze of 850 Watt

The MARBLEBRON series of semi-modular power supplies with 80 Plus Bronze certification will include 4 additional models to its series: MARBLEBRON 850 and MARBLEBRON 850 RGB version. Both will be in black or white color that users can choose and match to their systems. Both should go out to July 2021.

New full-tower and mid-tower computer cases

One of the best selling computer cases is StarryFort SF30, a mid-tower with 4 * 120mm SquA RGB fans. This year, ENERMAX updates its exclusive SquA RGB fan in 140mm and 180mm sizes, with square frame lighting and hub lighting function.

ENERMAX announces a wide range of new products at Computex 2021

The advanced SquA RGB fans will be pre-installed in two brand new cases: the StarryFort SF50 e lo StarryKnight SK30. StarryFort SF50, a full-tower computer case, will feature two 180mm SquA RGB fans at the front and one 140mm at the rear; The StarryKnight SK30, a mid-tower computer case, will feature four 140mm SquA RGB fans with an angular asymmetrical mesh front panel. Both will be released in September 2021.

Wide range of CPU coolers, from budget to Overclocking level

ENERMAX provides various CPU coolers to meet user needs. Let’s start with the entry-level CPU air coolers where the series stands out ETS-F40-FS which was recently launched and has 4 models (essential / solid black / addressable RGB with black and white versions). When it comes to AIO liquid CPU coolers, the LIQMAX III offers 7 models with an affordable price, including a 120/240/360 mm radiator and a product color in white or black.

ENERMAX announces a wide range of new products at Computex 2021

Also noteworthy is the series AQUAFUSION, an AIO CPU liquid cooler and one of ENERMAX’s most popular products; It features three ENERMAX SquA RGB fans with exceptional cooling performance (300W to 380W TDP). ENERMAX’s flagship liquid CPU cooler, the LIQTECH II, offers overclocking-level cooling performance (500W TDP) and has an AMD Threadripper processor-exclusive version that has 100% full coverage. Additionally, all ENERMAX CPU coolers are compatible with the upcoming Intel LGA 1700 socket.

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