Engines and technology: the workshop tools that everyone should have in their garage

When it comes to self-repairing your car, you can’t help but think about workshop equipment

Unfortunately, there are tools for repairing cars that often turn out to be of poor quality. Choosing the right workshop equipment is certainly not easy, especially if you are approaching the “DIY mechanics” sector for the first time.

There are some fundamental features that allow you to make correct choices and avoid unnecessary waste of money. The main factor to take into consideration is undoubtedly that of the materials used in the construction of the tools. Poor materials will lead to faster tool wear. The tools must not show signs of oxidation over time, to allow excessive use without having to worry about premature consumption.

The workshop tools that everyone should have in their garage

There are many essential tools for a good workshop, and some are really essential if you want to create a mini workshop at home.

You certainly cannot do without a good hydraulic trolley jack for cars, which will allow you to lift your car from the ground and then carry out maintenance or repair work. They are typically made of steel. Some can even hold up to 3000 kg in weight.

Another tool of fundamental importance is certainly the hydraulic crane. Made up of three parts which are the frame, the hydraulic pump and the lifting arm. Also in this case the material of manufacture is steel, since the instrument will have to support large loads. These davits can even lift 1000 kg in weight, and are just over two meters high, clearly talking about those to be used at home. There are also foldable ones, just to allow those who use them in their garage to save space.

When you go to work on the engine, keep in mind that you risk getting everything dirty. There is a significant amount of oil inside the engine, which must be poured into a special container, in order to avoid dirtying the floor. And this is why trolleys designed to contain engine oil are on sale. Equipped with a manual or hydraulic pump, they have small wheels that make them mobile. There are different types in terms of capacity.

A good home workshop, however, also requires tools useful for painting or touch-ups of the bodywork.

When disassembling the parts of the car to repaint or touch up, you need a solid support before you can proceed with the work. There are easels that allow you to paint the disassembled parts of the bodywork in complete safety. They are intended for doors, rims and hood and trunk flaps. They can be fixed or mobile, and are sold in different sizes.

These are just some of the commercially available tools that can be found inside a good garage workshop. However, they are among the most important for working on both the mechanical and the aesthetic part of the vehicle. The options for choosing tools are however numerous and suitable for all needs.