EOLO Mission Municipality, here are the numbers of the project

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The project ends after three years EOLO Common Mission. In this time, 300 municipalities under 5,000 inhabitants were able to win tech prizes for 3 million euros. A great effort to tell the growth of the small municipalities of our Peninsula, which can thus follow the innovation trend. Here are the numbers of EOLO Missione Comune, a report of the last three years of activity.

After three years EOLO Missione Comune closes, here are the numbers of the project

During the three years of the project, EOLO Common Mission awarded technological prizes which facilitated the digitalization of the school system, video surveillance systems and gave free connectivity for two years. Tools designed to help small communities throughout Italy.

The region that has seen the involvement of the most municipalities is undoubtedly the Piedmont. In fact, 90 municipalities were awarded. In second place the Lombardy with 85, while on the third Abruzzo with 28, which overtakes the Liguria with 26. In total, the company donated € 900,000 to Piedmont, € 850,000 to Lombardy, € 280,000 to Abruzzo and € 260,000 to Liguria.

Among the most awarded provinces we find Cuneo, Alexandria, Bergamo e Varese, which have around 20 awarded municipalities. While the province of Chieti has reached 15 municipalities. Here you will find the list of the awarded municipalities.

Marzia Farè, Communication Director of EOLO explains: “These numbers demonstrate our concrete commitment towards an inclusive digitization of the whole country. For 16 years, we at EOLO have been at the forefront of the fight against the Digital Divide, a central issue in the public debate today and to which the PNRR allocates substantial funds.

In fact, Eolo pursues a positive impact on society and the environment with this project. “With this in mind, the company is committed to responding to the points of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In particular, point 9, which concerns the creation of resilient infrastructures for an inclusive and sustainable industrialization process, to which EOLO responds by developing the offer of a stable and widespread connection to facilitate social and work inclusion; and point 11, which concerns the contribution to making cities sustainable and inclusive, to which we contribute by trying to reverse the process of wild urbanization thanks to attention to small municipalities “.

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