Epic Games Store: here is the new free game next week

As usual, a new free game redeemable at the Epic Games Store will also be available next week

Epic Games Store continues to give every week free access to selected titles, which players who are members of the exclusive store will be able to redeem without having to spend any money. In recent weeks, the platform has tried to maintain aquite macabre air, since we were in the Halloween period, the perfect time to present games that could have made the user shiver as much as possible.

Last week, DARQ: Complete Edition was made available, a very particular indie horror, centered on a boy who finds himself stuck in a lucid dream, and soon turned into a nightmare. In this first week of November, however, the new free game of the Epic Games Store will be Aven Colony, while the one of the following week will be an additional content of Rogue Company.

The new free game this and next week on the Epic Games Store

Let’s start with order, introducing the downloadable game since today, or Aven Colony: it is a strategic city builder game, in which we will build cities to manage and where humanity can live. The colonies will be established on the alien planet Aven Prime, which consists of an environment downright hostile despite the presence of diverse biomes, as well as the place where one originates lethal infection nicknamed “The Creep”, which will cause not a few efforts by the player in keeping everything under control.

Epic Games Store: here is the new free game next week

Finally, as previously stated, the new free game available on the Epic Games Store from is already known November 11th and which will replace Avalon Colony: however, rather than an actual title, it will actually be an Epic Games Pack expansion of Season 4 of Rogue Company. The latter is a free-to-play and third-person shooter game, with a frenetic pace and full of action, where players will go to interpret some specialized agents. It is certainly not a more original title than the well-known Rainbow Six and Apex Legends, but it is still available to be tested, in case you arouse your interest.

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