Epic Games Store: here is the new free game next week

The Epic Games Store gives free access to some new games every week, and for the next one, a horror title is also planned

Like every week, on Thursdays, Epic Games Store makes titles of any genre available for free; as for this week again, we remain in the middle of the macabre atmosphere of Halloween, through a new free game with horror facets. In fact, for now the nice title Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse, released more than fifteen years ago, in October 2005, on the first Xbox is still available. And in addition to it, a exclusive bundle of the Epic store, or the Epic Paladins Pack, both still redeemable for free.

The new free Epic Games Store game of October

As anticipated, during this week we will still have Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse, a game in which you play the part of one zombie wandering through the Pennsylvania town of Punchbowl, looking for brains to devour on the street. Obviously he will often encounter resistance, but he will be able to gain strength through various powers, such as the possession of humans, also creating armies of zombies; all this to become the one who will cause the collapse of civilization. Also in the current week, Paladins players will still be able to add Epic Paladins to their game, a bundle with which they will have access to four champions for the game, as well as four exclusive skins.

Epic Games Store: here is the new free game next week

The two titles will be redeemable until the 21st of the month. To follow instead in the next week of October, the new free game was finally revealed that will replace these two titles on the Epic Games Store, or Among the Sleep – Enhanced Edition, title of horror adventure in the first person, where this time we will enter the shoes of a two-year-old child, as he searches for his mother inside a surreal nightmare. This title will be available from 21 to 28 October.

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