Epic Games Store: the new free game takes you to the past

Curious to know what is the new free downloadable game from the Epic Games Store? We reveal it to you in our article

For years the online digital showcase of gaming on PC it was mainly dominated by one particular company, Valve. Through the market Steam, players have been able to claim countless digital version titles using very attractive discounts and offers. Not to mention that Steam has evolved over the years and included more features for players as a means to connect with a community, create wishlists and achievements. While other competing services have emerged, none offered too much incentive to go through their alternative showcase service.

That was until Epic Games Store he did not enter “the fray”. With Epic having plenty of funds to support the aforementioned showcase, we’ve seen several attempts to get players to the well-known publisher’s client and away from Valve’s Steam market. One of the means of doing this was through contractual agreements made with publishers and developers. Beyond this, coming to the point, the new free game dell’Epic Games Store is The Lion’s Song, a narrative adventure title. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Here is the trailer for The Lion’s Song, the new Epic Games Store free game downloadable until May 20th

After Pine, which we talked about in this article, since yesterday, May 13 (until the 20), l’Epic Games Store allows you to download a new one free game: The Lion’s Song. This is a narrative-interactive adventure that will take you to the past of the beginning of the last century, to follow the curious events of a group of Austrian artists.

We leave you to the description of the game available on the Epic store:

The Lion’s Song is set in early 20th century Austria and each episode will follow a different character. Each character has an exceptional mind and the game catapults players into a story that tells of internal struggles to regain creativity, human connections and inspiration. A talented composer suffering from writer’s block before her debut gig, an up-and-coming painter who improves upon overcoming difficulty after difficulty and brilliant mathematics trying to make herself heard in a world of men only. It will be the choices that the player will make that will determine whether the protagonists will achieve the success they deserve.

As for the next free title, Epic announced yesterday that it will be a game “mysterious“, More details in this news.

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